Swissquote launches financial info app for Apple TV

Swiss financial services provider Swissquote Bank Ltd today announces the launch of a financial information application for Apple TV.

The application will provide detailed and up-to-date information about the financial markets, including financial news. It also displays key indices and currency pairs.

The Swissquote Apple TV application displays a rotating globe, showing the performance of various securities. An information banner at the bottom displays the latest economic and financial news that are likely to affect prices. Marking a difference from other Swissquote applications, this one aims to run in background, allowing a person to work, for instance.

Apple TV app_Swissquote_1One more thing to note is that users can zoom in on information that interest them and adjust globe rotation speed, making the app a truly customizable solution.

Marc Burki, Swissquote’s CEO, says,

“The Apple TV application is in line with our plan to develop our digital offering and is the next step in our strategy of multi-media development.”

Paolo Buzzi, Swissquote’s CTO, added,

“With this application we focused primarily on design and interactivity, two important aspects of connected TV. The application focuses on essential information, providing users with a clear vision of changes in the main financial markets around the world. It rounds out our mobile application offering and enables our clients to receive the latest financial news at all times.”

Swissquote has been a leader in technology since its establishment, especially in the area of applications. In 2008, Swissquote became the first Swiss Bank to release its own iPhone trading application, followed by the launch of an iPad version in 2010. The two applications boast 228,000 (iPhone) downloads and 90,700 (iPad) downloads and are amid the most popular ones in Apple’s Swiss app store. In June last year, Swissquote was the first bank to launch an application for Apple Watch.

You can view the official announcement about the Apple TV application by clicking here.

The app can be downloaded for free with a second-generation Apple TV.

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