Swissquote Daily Technical Report: GBP/USD – Post-Scotland referendum bounce fades

In Swissquote’s Monday short term technical trading report, the research team outlines the major technical levels of popular currency instruments with forecasts, below is the outline for GPB/USD and USD/JPY. To view and download the entire report, click here (PDF).

GBP/USD: Post-Scotland referendum bounce fades

GBP/USD recovery above the 1.6500 handle has faltered. Failure to rally above key resistance at 1.6644 (see also the 200 day moving average) signals a period of sideways trading. Hourly supports can be found at 1.6345 (intraday low) and 1.6247 (18/09/2014 low).

In the longer term, the collapse in prices after having reached 4-year highs has created a strong resistance at 1.7192, which is unlikely to be broken in the coming months. Monitor the recent rebound as it could signal the start of a medium-term consolidation phase. A support lies at 1.6052, while a strong support stands at 1.5855 (12/11/2013 low).

The first objective at 1.6495 of our long strategy has been reached. We have updated our stop-loss.



USD/JPY: Minor bullish pause

• USD/JPY continues its steep advance and is now close to the major resistance at 110.66. Given the overextended rise, the odds to see a short-term correction are increasing. Hourly supports can be found at 108.37 (intraday low) and 107.39 (12/09/2014 high).
• A long-term bullish bias is favoured as long as the key support 100.76 (04/02/2014 low) holds. The recent new highs confirm a strong underlying bullish trend. Despite a likely pause near the major resistance at 110.66 (15/08/2008 high), an eventual break to the upside is favoured. Another resistance can be found at 114.66 (27/12/2007 high).


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