Spotware Systems completes Trading Central integration in cTrader

Spotware Systems, the developers of multi-asset trading platform cTrader, today announce the completion of the integration with Trading Central in cTrader.

As a result, users of the platform can tap into the capabilities provided by a highly sophisticated and deeply integrated tool inside the cTrader platform.

The tool receives Trading Central’s market data research which is used to create scenarios which are not only displayed on top of cTrader’s charts as an indicator but is a fully actionable trading signal where market orders can be created of any desired size in the direction of the most likely scenario.

Market orders can be placed with a suggested Take Profit and Stop Loss according to Trading Central’s scenario. Traders may also see the alternative scenario.

Once a Market Order using the Trading Central tool has been filled, the default Take Profit and Stop Loss can be easily modified using cTrader’s advanced chart trading functionality. Traders can drag and place the Take Profit and Stop Loss handles to another location on the chart to modify the position. Those handles can be placed to alternative levels in the event that the trader wants to alter the Take Profit or Stop Loss distances according to the other targets suggested in the scenario.

All Trading Central information is presented in well formatted in popovers and the indicator is fully responsive to cTrader including the current color theme.

cT TC PR 2

Alain Pellier, CEO of Trading Central Group, commented,

“We are extremely proud to team up with Spotware to broadcast our research, strategies and trading signals through their reputable cTrader trading software. This partnership illustrates our commitment to developing the most innovative applications for the trading community globally.”

James Glyde, Business Development Manager, Spotware Systems, said,

“This fully functional tool enables traders to follow Trading Central’s industry leading research with a single action. It goes hand in hand with cTrader’s existing Chart Trading and Quick Trade properties to expand the value of our platforms for both traders and brokers. A number of our clients are already offering Trading Central’s service, so this integration was a natural progression for us. We have already had a lot of positive feedback from our clients and expect the same from their traders.”

cT TC PR 3

An unlimited lifetime demo of cTrader for Windows can be downloaded from where the new tool is available covering a variety of symbols courtesy of Trading Central.

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