Saxo Bank provides list of enhancements for SaxoTraderGO platform

Over the weekend Saxo Bank made a number of improvements to the SaxoTraderGO platform which are now available starting today.

Saxo launched the HTML5 multi-asset SaxoTraderGo platform back in May of last year.

A key point of SaxoTraderGO is keeping you updated on your trading with easy access from all devices (iOS, Android and Web).

You can see the list of modifications below:

New Close Position module and improvements

When closing a position directly from the Positions list, a new unified Close Position module will be available in SaxoTraderGO based on the Trade Ticket.

Important information including the amount, current price, and profit/loss, is located at the top of the Close Position ticket. Secondary information including the Net position size, the Margin impact and Position ID are located in a secondary collapsible info panel at the bottom.

You can also choose to close positions:

  • on a quoted price for FX and CFD trades
  • using a limit order to close at a specific price or better
  • using a market order to close at the price available in the market

New dedicated Close button in Positions

To improve usability, a new dedicated Close position button will be introduced in a separate column – previously, positions could be closed by clicking on a button in the Close Price column:

Reduce exposure from the Square Net Ticket

It will be possible to reduce as well as close Net positions from the Position List in SaxoTraderGO. When clicking the Close button on a Net position, the Square Net position dialog will allow you to specify the amount you want close – the action button changes to REDUCE POSITION.

Improved usability in 2-click trading mode

In 2-click trading mode after clicking to enable a trade, we have added a message reminding you to click again to perform the trade.

For more information on SaxoTraderGo click here.

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