Saxo Bank introduces ‘FX Tiered Margining’

Saxo Bank today announced it will be reducing margin requirements across its FX trading offering of FX Spot, FX Forwards and FX Options. With margin rates starting as low as 1%, you can now trade major FX currency pairs with up to 100:1 leverage, and its new simple FX Tiered Margin structure makes margin requirements clear on every trade.

For example, the new default margin requirements for trading EURUSD can be seen below:

Amount traded (in USD) < 3 Million From 3M to 25M From 25M to 50M > 50 Million
Margin required 1% 2% 3% 6%

It’s an easy-to-understand structure, which allows Saxo to lower margin rates while maintaining protection and security.

The required margin will always be displayed on your trade ticket in real-time, so you can easily see what margin is required and ensure that you have sufficient margin available on your account to cover the margin requirement.

If you would like to read more about FX Tiered Margining, please click here (PDF).

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