Saxo Bank enhances work with Watchlist, Positions List and Orders List in SaxoTraderGO

Multi-asset investment and trading services provider Saxo Bank keeps enhancing its innovative trading platform SaxoTraderGO, with the latest improvements concerning better navigation and organization of the trading environment.

Let’s examine the novelties:

  • Sorting on columns

Traders can now sort by most columns in the Watchlist, Positions List and Orders List by clicking on the column header. This will order (or reverse order) the table based on the column content but maintain product groups.


  • Account filter removed in the Positions and Orders lists

The Positions List and Orders List are now filtered for the Account selected by the Account Selector in the Account Toolbar:


  • Additional Time zones

A number of new time zones are now available in the SaxoTraderGO platform.

Earlier this week, Saxo Bank informed its clients about a new “FX tiered margining”, enabling lowering of margin rates while maintaining protection and security.

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