Saxo Bank develops its own trading keypad

Rare (and interesting) hardware innovation for high-end FX traders.

Saxo Bank, a member of LeapRate’s Approved List of global FX firms, has introduced a new trading keypad which will be available only to its high end clients. We have recently seen a technology war taking place among leading FX brokers — mainly to the benefit of clients — as FX firms seek to woo clients with specialized iPhone / iPhone / smartphone apps, social networking capabilities, auto and follow-trading features….. 

Saxo Bank’s latest introduction, the specialized trading keypad, is quite innovative and unique (so far) as most innovations in the sector have been software, web or cloud-based — this is literally a new piece of hardware, and is certainly geared toward high-end traders to whom issues such as latency and shaving milliseconds off trading times are important.

For the full Saxo Bank release on the new trading keypad click here.

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