Saxo Bank corrects June FX volumes, were really $228 billion, down 3%

Saxo Bank, Danish FX brokerage and investment bank has revised its latest FX volume metrics available for the public to see after not reporting for a month. They have now fixed and corrected some of their volume numbers as well…

Metrics for total monthly volume in June now stands corrected at $228b, this is down 3% MoM from May’s $234B and off close to 22% from June 2013. Like the rest of the FX industry, April could mark a bottom for the brokerage in total volume for the year as the last two months have climbed higher than April’s low of $214B.

We will have to see how the rest of the Q3 shakes out to gauge how Saxo’s volumes are holding up. For note, Saxo now has a record in terms of client collateral deposits for trading at $9.61B.

Check out the monthly volume chart below:



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