Saxo Bank adds six new FX OTC forward outright crosses, including Gold vs. Euro

Saxo Bank has announced the addition of six new FX OTC forward outright crosses. Saxo states that forward outrights can not only be used to hedge corporate flow, but also for the ordinary investor to cut out the unknown interest rate fluctuation risk in a foreign exchange rate speculation over time; to know the cost or benefit of interest differential for the chosen time period, ahead of time.

The six new foreign exchange rate crosses added are as follows:

  • AUD/NOK (Australian Dollar vs. Norwegian Krone)
  • AUDS/EK (Australian Dollar vs. Swedish Krona)
  • CAD/SEK (Canadian Dollar vs. Swedish Krona)
  • XAU/EUR (Gold vs. Euro)
  • NZD/ZAR (New Zealand Dollar vs. South African Rand)
  • NZD/MXN (New Zealand Dollar vs. Mexican Peso)

The crosses are now available for online trading for any value date out to one year.

Clients of Saxo Bank can trade on live streamed two-way quotes, with deep, dedicated liquidity on transparent pricing. This means Saxo Bank’s market making team ensures each investor its own pool of liquidity for any specified streamed amount. This is unique, and something Saxo Bank is very proud of.

Elizabeth Missfeld, FX Product Manager at Saxo Bank, said:

“We are proud to further improve our state of the art multi product offering, and to have such broad range of forward outrights for our clients to trade, not only through our investor platforms, but also through Saxo Treasurer, which is one of our latest additions for corporates seeking a settlement platform with beneficial rates.”

The addition follows recent improvements in the forward outright offerings, as tradable value dates for all forward outrights were extended to one year.

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