Ryan Hansen eschews senior position at GAIN Capital for innovative startup

Innovations and developments within North America’s highly advanced electronic trading industry often require a combination of well-researched ideology and highly experienced leadership.

In the case of newly established Tradovate LLC, there is no shortage of knowledge among its founders.

The company was established last month, and according to its filing with the government body which handles trademarks in the United States, provides computer software for use in electronic trading and financial portfolio management.

The firm was founded by Rick Tomsic, who spent a year at GAIN Capital until last year, whilst holding his current position as Managing Director of Tomsic Holdings, an investment holding company that invests in traditional and non-traditional assets, real estate, and private equity. Investment focus on futures, forex and equity trading technology firms.

Mr. Tomsic has held various senior positions during his 11 year leadership of Tomsic Holdings, including a Vice Presidency at Charles Schwab, Executive Vice Presidency at optionsXpress, and latterly Senior Vice Presidency at GAIN Capital.

Just a matter of weeks after founding Tradovate, a further GAIN Capital executive has eschewed the reliability of holding a senior role at one of America’s largest firms in order to join Mr. Tomsic in the new venture at Tradovate.

Ryan Hansen, former GAIN Capital Vice President of Business Development, joined Tradovate after almost four years at GAIN Capital, a firm which embarked on an extensive growth period during that period, including the acquisition of specialist firms, a practice which has become commonplace among the top firms in the United States, inclding competitor FXCM, as well as the purchasing of other brokerages, the most high profile of which was last year’s acquisition of GFT, the transaction relating to which concluded recently.

Since the vibrant days of last year, however, 2014 has not borne fruit for many firms, with GAIN Capital being no exception, recording a loss of $5.2 million during the first half of this year, at a time when many retail FX firms have made their exit from the US market, leaving the large established companies to battle for supremacy which is becoming an increasingly difficult task.

Prior to his tenure at GAIN Capital, Mr. Hansen spent seven years at PFGBest, Peregrine Financial Group’s alter ego, in the position of Director of Vendor Integration. He did, however, move to GAIN Capital in 2010, two years prior to the high profile demise of Peregrine Financial Group, resulting in liabilities of $100 million and the indictment of CEO Russell Wasendorf Sr, following his infamous attempted suicide in 2012.

Mr. Hansen is clearly a shrewd and experienced executive, having build his career within some of North America’s largest and most prominent firms during times when these companies have performed very well.

His departure from GAIN Capital, in order to join Mr. Tomsic, may be an indicator of good times ahead for new innovators, and potential tough times for the establishment.

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