Russia’s KROUFR blacklists online investment project Alfareserve

Russia’s Commission for the regulation of relations in the financial market (KROUFR) earlier today added one more company to its “Black List”.

The new entry is Alfareserve, a company offering various investment plans, with KROUFR noting that the company is pledging artificially high and guaranteed returns. The lack of any licenses is also mentioned as a factor for including the project in the “Black List”.

The project was blacklisted about a year ago by another Russian Forex organization – CRFIN, which back then cited similar concerns over the business model of Alfareserve.

In fact, the website of the project –, has been showing an announcement on troubles regarding the company’s operations for several months already.

The latest addition takes the number of companies featured in KROUFR’s Black List to 12. The list includes names like Forex Trend, which became notorious over the regulatory action taken against it in New Zealand.

You can view the announcement from KROUFR by clicking here.

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