Russia’s KROUFR blacklists Forex broker EU Broker Age

Russia’s Commission for the regulation of relations in the financial market (KROUFR) has just added one more suspicious entity to its “Black List”.

The latest addition to the list of companies is EU Broker Age, operating via KROUFR notes that the certificates published on the broker’s website, including a certificate about KROUFR membership, are all fake.

EU Broker Age provides two addresses for communication on its website – one in the UK and one in Russia, with the readers of this piece left to decide how authentic these are.


The addition of EU Broker Age takes the number of entities included in KROUFR’s “Black List” to 16. Most recently, the organization, which is famous for its Forex dispute resolution capabilities, included MXTrade in the Black List.

For the latest warning from KROUFR, click here.

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