Russia’s KROUFR blacklists high-yield investment project TitanFly

Russia’s Commission for the regulation of relations on the financial market (KROUFR) has added one more entry to its “Black List”, which it officially launched in August this year.

The latest addition to the “Black List”, which currently contains the names of 11 fraudulent investment companies, is TitanFly Group. The company, which operates via offers its clients extraordinarily high returns if they dare to invest their money in the company’s various plans.

titanfly_logoKROUFR notes that the returns pledged are artificially high – up to 3.5% per day, and that the company uses aggressive marketing to attract clients.

In addition, the website of the company displays a fake certificate from KROUFR – the organization notes that it has nothing to do with this firm. There is also a mysterious certificate about incorporation in England and Wales. The FCA register, however, shows the company is not regulated in the UK.

KROUFR urges the trading community to be extremely vigilant when it comes to TitanFly and the other participants in the “Black List”.


The fake certificates.

To view the full text of the warning, click here.

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