RoboForex stops offering of 15 currency pairs due to low liquidity

Retail Forex broker RoboForex is streamlining the menu of trading instruments it offers to its clients.

From July 6, 2015, a total of 15 currency pairs will no longer be available for trading – six of these pairs are with the Euro.

Trading with affected instruments will be set to “Close only” mode from today (June 30, 2015) and any open positions with these instruments will be closed by the company on July 3, 2015 at the price of market close.

In its announcement, RoboForex says the reason for the changes in the trading instruments lineup is insufficient liquidity for them from liquidity providers.

And here is a list of the currency pairs affected:

  • USD/CZK – US dollar vs Czech koruna;
  • USD/DKK – US dollar vs Danish krone;
  • USD/HKD – US dollar vs Hong Kong dollar;
  • USD/HUF – US dollar vs Hungarian forint;
  • USD/ILS – US dollar vs Israeli shekel;
  • USD/NOK – US dollar vs Norwegian krone;
  • USD/PLN – US dollar vs Polish zloty;
  • USD/SEK – US dollar vs Swedish krona;
  • USD/SGD – US dollar vs Singapore dollar;
  • EUR/CZK – Euro vs Czech koruna;
  • EUR/DKK – Euro vs Danish krone;
  • EUR/HUF – Euro vs Hungarian forint;
  • EUR/NOK – Euro vs Norwegian krone;
  • EUR/PLN – Euro vs Polish zloty;
  • EUR/SEK – Euro vs Swedish krona.

The change will apply to all accounts of clients of all the broker’s subsidiaries, including Cypriot brokerage RoboForex (CY) Ltd and Belize-registered RoboTrade Ltd.

To view the official announcement, click here.

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