Redline’s InRush now supports Nasdaq eSpeed

Redline Trading Solutions, a provider of market data and order execution systems for automated trading, today announced that its InRush accelerated ticker plant now supports Nasdaq eSpeed, a fully executable central limit order book for electronic trading in U.S. Treasuries.

Thanks to Nasdaq eSpeed, Redline customers gain access to a major electronic market for fixed income trading, including T-Bills, T-Notes, T-Bonds, and U.S. Treasury Floating Rate Notes. Through the easy-to-use InRush API, global market data from over 130 venues, now including Nasdaq eSpeed data, is normalized and delivered to automated trading applications. The new feed handler supports Nasdaq eSpeed’s full-depth multicast protocol, enabling support for latency-sensitive trading strategies.

Nasdaq eSpeed support is also integrated into Redline Managed Service, offering customized services for hosting, connectivity, application support, operational monitoring, and market data recording to firms seeking to outsource IT activities.

Mark Skalabrin, CEO of Redline Trading Solutions, said,

“A growing number of our clients are interested in electronic trading of U.S. Treasuries, which attracted us to partner with Nasdaq eSpeed, a leading global provider and pioneer of electronic access for fixed income trading. Our high-performance market data technology, coupled with the highly efficient Nasdaq eSpeed protocol, offers our clients improved market insights, performance, and trading opportunities.”

Oliver Albers, Vice President Global Information Services, Nasdaq OMX, said,

“Through this collaboration, Redline clients can now benefit from Nasdaq eSpeed’s support for low-latency connectivity and the ability to drill down to the micro-structure of the market for analysis. We’re pleased to partner with Redline to offer their customers game-changing access to an electronic market for fixed income trading where they can express sentiment and execute strategies in a highly effective and efficient manner.”

To view the official press release from Redline, click here.

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