Redline Trading Solutions releases new InRush feed handler for the EBS Live Ultra data feed

Intelligent market data and order execution solutions provider Redline Trading Solutions has announced the availability of its new InRush feed handler, for the new high-performance EBS Live Ultra market data feed.

EBS BrokerTec announced in February 2016 its plan to introduce streaming real-time market data later in the year for its leading EBS Market foreign exchange trading platform, and today all spot pairs are available for trading.

By delivering real-time data via the UDP multicast transport, this new feed provides significantly improved price discovery and transparency.

Mark Skalabrin, Redline

Mark Skalabrin, Redline

According to Mark Skalabrin, CEO of Redline:

Our foreign exchange customers look forward to trading with the EBS Live Ultra feed for increased certainty of FX execution. We are pleased to now be able to offer our new EBS Live Ultra feed handler to customers coincident with the full rollout of this high-performance feed.

In August, Redline qualified its new feed handler using EBS market data received from the EBS proximity colocation test lab. This feed handler is now available to users of Redline’s InRush liquidity aggregation system and will be employed by Redline in the delivery of FX market data via the RedlineFeed fully managed service.

As EBS Live Ultra begins publishing pricing by region, trading applications may independently subscribe to InRush books built for each region so that local and remote market data can remain distinct.

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