Redline Trading Solutions goes mainstream with Windows Server support for ticker plant

Ultra-low latency market data and order execution provider Redline Trading Solutions has announced that its InRush 3 Accelerated Ticker Plant now runs on the Windows Server platform.

Recent scrutiny on the pricing accuracy of consolidated feeds versus direct feeds underscores the importance of trading on true pricing information as provided by Redline’s synthetic Best Bid and Offer book. As this requirement expands to a broadening spectrum of firms, support for Windows operating environments enables more firms to choose Redline’s market-leading solution.

“Microsoft works with industry solutions vendors to deliver capital markets solutions to our industry clients. We are pleased that Redline now offers a market data solution with competitive low-latency results on our Windows Server platform,” adds Rupesh Khendry, Head Worldwide Capital Markets Industry Solutions, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT).

Ultra-low latency on the Windows Server platform is achieved by running a straight-through real-time data path for the feed handling and book building processes in a non-blocking manner, independent of OS calls. I/O is optimized by using CSPI’s Myricom 10 Gigabit Ethernet network adapters with kernel bypass enabled. Low single-digit microsecond latencies are achieved from the wire to the trading application.

“Until now, InRush could deliver ultra-low latency market data to both Linux® and Windows clients, but our InRush Ticker Plant ran only on Linux,” notes Mark Skalabrin, CEO of Redline Trading Solutions. “Now trading firms who have standardized on the Windows Server platform can adopt the entire Redline

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