ThinkCoin’s TradeConnect targets high frequency crypto trading with partnership

ThinkCoin, the cryptocurrency that underpins TradeConnect, a blockchain-based financial and cryptocurrency trading exchange created by FCA and ASIC regulated FX broker ThinkMarkets, has announced a new partnership with to support high-frequency trading in a low latency environment for global investors.

Through the collaboration, 0chain’s parallel blockchain infrastructure will allow the TradeConnect network to process a large number of transactions quickly by using both private and public blockchain processing – underscoring TradeConnect’s commitment to working with forward-thinking companies and to finding the solutions that will help it scale the network: a legacy issue from the early days of blockchain that this project aims to eliminate.

The company stated that Blockchain technology brings a new level of transparency to financial markets. However, due to the nature of order confirmations, users face substantial delays as compared to traditional technologies as well as facing scalability issues, particularly for high-frequency and algorithmic trading.

Faizan Anees ThinkMarlets

Faizan Anees

Faizan Anees, Director and Co-Founder of ThinkCoin, commented:

Collaborating with 0chain is a great honor and solid proof that our efforts are recognised by the blockchain community. We look forward to exploring the full spectrum of 0chain protocols in order to make TradeConnect a robust and reliable blockchain-based trading network.

TradeConnect said that its expectation is to disrupt the incumbent financial markets trading sphere through its AI and blockchain technology that creates a complete transparent and direct trader-to-trader environment for buyers and sellers.

0chain is regarded as one of the fastest growing dApps that is chain agnostic. Based in Silicon Valley, 0chain raised $39 million earlier this year to develop ground-breaking blockchain architecture that will support select blockchain-based projects with self-forking, inflation protocols to allow for scalability, a free dCloud service and 2D-BPoS consensus.

Further, the 0chain technology is designed to execute a smart contract within a sub-second using an n-dimensional, deterministic, Byzantine, DPOS blockchain system.

0chain co-founder Atif Yaqub also commented:

0chain is pleased to partner with ThinkCoin bringing blockchain to traditional financial markets. 0chain will provide high frequency on chain transactions, giving a fast and flexible solution to ThinkCoin clients.

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