Redline connects InRush ticker plant technology to Bloomberg’s B-PIPE real-time market data feed

Redline Trading Solutions, a provider of market data and order execution systems for automated trading, today announced that Bloomberg’s consolidated B-PIPE market data feed is now supported in its InRushTM accelerated ticker plant.

Redline has joined its forces with Bloomberg to connect its ticker plant technology to Bloomberg’s B-PIPE as a registered participant in Bloomberg’s Enterprise Solutions Partner Program, a group which includes more than 125 financial technology providers to the institutional market place.

Unknown-1B-PIPE is Bloomberg’s real-time market data feed delivering quotes and trades from over 300 global exchanges and distributing data from over 5,000 contributed sources. It is delivered over Bloomberg’s global private network. Thanks to the connection to Redline’s market data solutions, this data becomes available to embedded or remote trading applications using the same InRush API that these applications use to consume direct feeds.

“The addition of B-PIPE data into our market data platform adds contributed sources for additional exchanges and indices to complement the 130 global exchange feeds already available via direct connections,” said Mark Skalabrin, CEO of Redline Trading Solutions.

“By combining ultra-low latency data from our direct feeds with consolidated data from B-PIPE, our customers can optimize their overall market data spending and improve resiliency by leveraging redundant data sources,” Skalabrin added.

“Bloomberg is committed to supporting third-party distribution platforms like Redline Trading Solutions that our customers choose,” noted Tony McManus, Global Head of Real Time Feeds & Platform Technology at Bloomberg. “We are pleased that Redline has joined our Enterprise Solutions Partner Program to be able to deliver interoperable market data solutions to our shared customer base.”

To view the official announcement on the partnership, click here.

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