PM Theresa May to make a major speech on Brexit next week

Theresa May is expected to outline Brexit strategy on Tuesday

A spokeswoman for the Prime Minister said her speech will set out “more on our approach to Brexit” and will be “in line with our approach of a global Britain and continuing to be an outward looking nation”.

Opposition parties hope it will end uncertainty about how the Government will conduct exit negotiations with the European Union, according to Sky News.

Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer mentioned that “time is running out” for the Government.

Labour has been clear that we need a Brexit deal that is good for British businesses, protects workers’ and environmental rights and ensures a co-operative collaborative new relationship with the EU,” he added.

On Tuesday the Prime Minister has a chance to spell out if she shares these objectives.

In her first TV interview of the year, Mrs May said:

I’m ambitious for what we can get for the UK in terms of our relationship with the European Union because I also think that’s going to be good for the European Union.

Our thinking on this isn’t muddled at all. Yes, we have been taking time. I said we wouldn’t trigger Article 50 immediately, some said we should.

She also gave her strongest hint yet that the UK will leave the single market when Britain could not hang on to “bits of EU membership”.

We will, outside the European Union, be able to have control of immigration and be able to set our rules for people coming to the UK from member states of the European Union.”, she added.

We also, as part of that Brexit deal, will be working to get the best possible deal in the trading relationship with the European Union.

Anybody who looks at this question of free movement and trade as a sort of zero-sum game is approaching it in the wrong way.

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