Plus500 sees influential Newton Investment Management pick up a 5.1% interest

Plus500 Ltd (LON:PLUS) has attracted investment interest from avantgarde British investment management company Newton Investment Management in the form of a 5.12% interest.

In terms of shares, Newton Investment Management now holds 5,885,438 units of common stock in the capacity of a discretionary fund manager.

Plus500 has been the subject of keen interest from large and prominent companies since its high value transition from a privately owned FX company to a publicly listed entity last year, with JPMorgan Chase maintaining a strong interest in the company, having carried out a series of transactions involving Plus500 stock with its most recent transaction in December raising the global bank’s interest in Plus500 to 7.8%.

By making the purchase, Newton has become one of the more influential shareholders of the company.

Newton Investment Management has about £51 billion of assets under management. Newton is run by influential and high profile CEO Helena Morrissey CBE, often named one of the most powerful (and interesting) women in European finance. Beyond running Newton she is known for having nine children, and being the founder of the Thirty Percent Club, campaigning to make UK boardrooms at least 30 per cent female, well below their current representation.

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