Platform diversity continues among copy trading firms as Myfxbook integrates with cTrader

The drive toward the integration of social trading facilities and signal provision into platforms is continuing, with the latest development in this direction being Myfxbook having become available as an integral part of Spotware Systems’ cTrader.

Since last year’s onslaught by MetaQuotes against four copy trading solution providers, platform agnosticism has been on the agenda for many firms.

Tradency was the first to eschew the ubiquitous MetaTrader 4 platform, elevating its service to support many platforms, as well as forging a partnership last year with CFH Clearing in order to provide its Mirror Trader to FX firms via the liquidity provider, representing an ingenious method of gaining an effective distribution channel.

Since then, Tradency has forged ahead with its efforts to gain a universal audience without barriers as the company recently launched its own, fully independent end-to-end enterprise solution for brokers.

In terms of the integration of Myfxbook into cTrader, the copy trading solution provider has stated that the procedure was more resource-hungry than expected, however the company considers it to have been worthwhile.

For the past several months, Myfxbook has been working closely with the Spotware team to complete integration. Spotware has dedicated a lot of time and effort to customize its API specifically to suit the requirements of myfxbook, resulting in a superior connectivity of cTrader accounts to AutoTrade.

The solution is completely hosted on the Myfxbook servers, therefore just like the existing AutoTrade users, traders will not need to run any software on their local machine.

Applying any cTrader account to AutoTrade is as simple as connecting the account to Myfxbook; In the AutoTrade opening live screen, users can simply click the continue button, and then will be presented with two steps.

Once forwarded to Spotware’s website, traders can choose the accounts that they wish to connect to AutoTrade and click the green ‘Allow access’ button.

Once redirected back to Myfxbook, traders can simply type in a name for the account and then the ‘Connect Account’ button.

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