PhillipCapital UK adds 7 currency pairs and 2 index CFDs, lower margins and tighter spreads

FCA regulated retail forex broker PhillipCapital UK has announced the addition of seven new currency pairs and two index CFDs, as well as a reduction in margins and spreads.

PhillipCapital UK stated that the additional instruments are a sign of their commitment to continually add to and develop their offering for clients and trading partners.

Added to PhillipCapital UK’s roster of tradable instruments are:

  • China A50 (CN50)
  • Singapore 100 (SG100)

The new instruments seek to reflect trading demands and increase the ability of PhillipCapital UK investors to enhance their investment portfolio or hedge currency and equity risk through trading with PhillipCapital UK. The addition of the SG100 (Singaporean BlueChip Index) and the CN50 (China A50 Index) reflect PhillipCapital’s Asian heritage and allow clients to gain further exposure to Asian markets.

Margins have been lowered across index CFDs and commodity contracts as a result of a careful assessment by PhillipCapitalUK of the risks associated to margin trading. PhillipCapital UK on-boards clients who have the ability and knowledge to manage trading with low margins, and offers the opportunity to increase margins for clients who wish to have more protection. PhillipCapital UK states that it not only claims to but actually keeps client safety and appropriateness at the forefront of what it does.

In another effort to reduce clients costs of trading PhillipCapital UK has lowered spreads across its product range as per client requests and feedback, most notably it has tightened the spreads on indices with the GER30 now available on 0.30% margin and a target spread of 1.3 points. This year PhillipCapital UK has seen the popularity of indices trading increase and as such its offering is changing to reflect that.

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