Osaka Exchange announces Reference Prices for New Products


Osaka Exchange has announced that Tuesday June 19, 2016 is the scheduled date for the introduction of:

  • TSE Mothers Index Futures,
  • TAIEX Futures,
  • FTSE China 50 Index Futures, and
  • JPX-Nikkei Index 400 Options.

For the revision rule of contract months and the strike price interval for TOPIX Options and for the revision rule of strike price interval for Securities Options, reference prices of price limits for contracts of above products shall be set as followed:

UnderlyingContract Month9 digit CodeRef. PriceLast Trading DayExpiration Day
TSE Mothers IndexSeptember 2016161090011947.52016/9/82016/9/9
TSE Mothers IndexDecember 2016161120011947.52016/12/82016/12/9
TSE Mothers IndexMarch 2017162030011948.02017/3/92017/3/10
TSE Mothers IndexJune 2017162060011948.52017/6/82017/6/9
TSE Mothers IndexSeptember 2017162090011948.52017/9/72017/9/8
TAIEXJuly 20161610700788,9122016/7/192016/7/20
TAIEXAugust 20161610800788,7762016/8/162016/8/17
TAIEXSeptember 20161610900788,7212016/9/202016/9/21
TAIEXDecember 20161611200788,6822016/12/202016/12/21
TAIEXMarch 20171620300788,6382016/3/142017/3/15
FTSE China 50 IndexJuly 201616107007915,5102016/7/282016/7/29
FTSE China 50 IndexAugust 201616108007915,5102016/8/302016/8/31
FTSE China 50 IndexSeptember 201616109007915,5102016/9/292016/9/30
FTSE China 50 IndexDecember 201616112007915,4802016/12/292016/12/30

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Osaka Exchange announces Reference Prices for New Products


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