Optimal Payments investigates alleged breaches of customers’ data

Cybersecurity issues keep affecting the work of financial services companies…

Online payment services provider Optimal Payments Plc (LON:OPAY) has just announced that it is investigating possible breaches of customers’ personal data.

The investigation relates to media reports of a small amount of customers’ personal data being in the public domain. It has been alleged that such data forms part of a more substantial amount of customers’ personal data also in the public domain.

The allegation is that there were data breaches in 2011 or earlier in respect of the NETELLER business (a subsidiary of Optimal Payments) and in 2012 or earlier in respect of Moneybookers Limited (now known as Skrill Limited, which was acquired by Optimal Payments on 10 August 2015). The data which is alleged to be available in the public domain emanated from those breaches. The allegations do not specify the exact date on which the data breaches occurred.

optimal_payments_retinaOptimal Payments has commenced an investigation into the matter and the veracity of the allegations. It has informed both the Information Commissioner and the Financial Conduct Authority.

In the past, the company has suffered two data breaches as a result of cyber-attacks – in 2009 and 2010. These were at Moneybookers Limited and NETELLER, The breaches were reported to regulators and were the subject of independent forensic investigations from major accounting firms.

The report from the forensic investigator on the NETELLER data breach contained no evidence to suggest that the breach was material. Moreover, to the best of the Company’s knowledge, no NETELLER customers incurred any financial losses as a result of the breach. The report from the forensic investigator on the Moneybookers data breach was unable to conclude on whether the breach was material but to the best of the Company’s knowledge, no Moneybookers’ customers suffered any financial losses as a result of the breach.

To view the official announcement from Optimal Payments, click here.

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Optimal Payments investigates alleged breaches of customers' data


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