OANDA releases new version of fxTrade Live platform

OANDA has announced the recent release of a new version of the fxTrade Live platform – version 2.1.2.

In this update, the company has made available Advanced Charting, which providing access to 1 month charts as well as a raft of new indicators and drawing tools.

The broker has also updated the terminology and display to ensure consistency with its other platforms. For instance, what was previously called a “Limit Order” is now an “Entry Order”.

201602-Java-AcctSummaryThe company has added a new default design/colour scheme. In case, someone wants to use the older colour schemes – they are still available via the ‘Tools’ dropdown.

The default account summary is also new. This will not emphasize NAV instead of Balance while including a graphical summary of how close a trader is to a margin closeout. The condensed version of the account summary can still be configured according to one’s preferences by clicking the ‘Modify’ button in the top right corner of the panel (it is the button furthest to the left).

201602-Java-RatesChangeProfiles are now auto saved so that traders no longer need to manually click ‘Save Current Profile’ every time they want to end a session and return with the same setup. If desired, this can be turned off via the ‘Misc’ tab in your user preferences.

Another enhancement is that the Rates List offers a % change panel by default. This will display the % change over the past day for each instrument in one’s rates list. The start of a day will be determined by what traders have configured as their ‘Daily Candle Start/End Time’ in the ‘Chart’ tab of their user preferences . This column can be configured off by clicking the ‘Modify’ button in the Rates List panel.

One more improvement concerns Rates List – it now offers Sparklines. These are only supported on the new ‘Default’ colour scheme and turned off by default, but can be configured on by clicking the ‘Modify’ button in the Rates List panel.

Average Price has become available again as a configurable option in the Positions table. This is turned off by default, but can be configured on by clicking the ‘Modify’ button in the tables panel

Price overlays while hovering over charts will now be displayed in this order: Open, High, Low Close.

Usernames can now be optionally be saved on the Desktop platform so traders do not have to type them in every time they want to sign back in.

Clients using the Desktop launcher will need to re-download the platform to access the latest version. Meanwhile, the fxTrade Preview platform is still available for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

You can find out more about the new version of the platform by clicking here.

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