OANDA and FinGraphs now offer traders the ability to backtest their trading strategies in 3D

Technology-led Canadian retail FX company OANDA Corporation has introduced a three-dimensional backtesting facility in conjunction with FinGraphs, a company which specializes in three-dimensional pictorial graphics for the electronic trading industry.

Via this strategic partnership, OANDA has set in place the HistoView product which is FinGraphs’ flagship service, which is now available on all OANDA charts. This new functionality will allow users to backtest their own strategies in a three-dimensional market view by scrolling back and forth in time. It will highlight how historical trends have interplayed in the past and hence help users get a better assessment of what to look out for today and in the future.

OANDA considers this system to resemble a financial GPS in that it allows traders to position themsevles within a matter of a few seconds over multiple investment horizons. Ergonomically, it is similar to looking at a map, whereas the long term left hand charts are highways, the medium middle charts are main roads ad the short term right hand charts are secondary roads.

Part of the rationale behind this style of graphics is its ease of reading, with OANDA inferring that correct use should not require much in terms of technical expertise, just some practice, however OANDA does clearly point out that there is no guarantee that past configurations will replicate themselves in the exact same way in the future.



Click here for the official announcement from OANDA Corporation

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