NFA’s Board of Directors re-elects Christopher Hehmeyer to serve as Chairman

The Board of Directors of National Futures Association (NFA) has re-elected Christopher K. Hehmeyer, Non-Executive Director of Wedbush Futures, to serve a one-year term as Chairman. The Board also re-elected Michael C. Dawley, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Co., to serve as Vice Chairman.

In addition, the Board re-elected the following individuals as public directors:

– Andrea M. Corcoran, Principal, Align International LLC;
– Jim Marshall;
– Charles P. Nastro;
– Ronald S. Oppenheimer, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Vitol Inc.; and
– Michael R. Schaefer.

Board members representing contract markets serve one-year terms. All other Board members serve two-year terms.

The Board also elected the following individuals to serve one-year terms on NFA’s Executive Committee:

– Douglas L. Bry, Welton Investment Partners LLC;
– Gerald F. Corcoran, R.J. O’Brien & Associates Inc.;
– Michael C. Dawley, Goldman Sachs & Co.;
– Ronald H. Filler, New York Law School;
– David S. Goone, IntercontinentalExchange Inc.;
– Douglas E. Harris, Promontory Financial Group LLC;
– Ernest L. Jaffarian, Efficient Capital Management LLC;
– Charlotte B. McLaughlin, PNC Capital Markets LLC;
– Michael H. Moskow, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs;
– Ronald S. Oppenheimer, Vitol Inc.;
– Todd E. Petzel, Offit Capital Advisors LLC;
– John F. Sandner, CME Group Inc.; and
– Don Thompson, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Mr. Hehmeyer and NFA President Daniel Roth also serve on the Executive Committee.

A complete list of NFA’s Board of Directors and its various committees can be found on NFA’s website 

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