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DATE: June 6th, 2014

BY: Chingiz Sheriyazdanov



I am very disappointing having this bad issues with

Generally I recommend to all people, nobody should work with them!

I know it was my fault that I have believed at first step.

The story starts from one call of their Call centre. They have proposed their new services, they said they are going to teach me how to make profit out of my deposit and there is no matter of its size. At first side, I have declined their proposal, but next thing was their unstoppable calls to my mobile phone, 30 calls in a day, my god how annoying they were! Eventually I said yes, lets do it.

Now my account shows negative value of 2100 dollars! Moreover, it was direct fault of their skillful traders “experts”, who was stationed to me, especially Yana Sevostiyanova! She was meant to help me, assist and train, but instead she only ordered to open several deals and last one was very foolish from her side. On 23rd of May 2014 I have opened the deal and sold one (went short) contract on S & P index, and if you see on the graph it went up,she assured me that the index will go down, all news was negative (from her point of view), but I was a bit confused as most of the news stated the positive outlook, even though I stayed on the track. While she asked me to invest additional 1000 USD in order to have good margin. So I had in total 2600 USD dollars on accont. Afterwards, 3 days later, she asked me to open a new deal, to sell another one contract, and stated that all profs are doing so, but at that moment I had already lost more than 500 USD. I told her that it is better to have a stop loss, but she said there is no need to do so. She asked to invest more 1000 dollar to account. I said it would be the last investment from my side, where she said fine. So I had 3600 USD.

Now the question where is a Money Management RULE???

As a result, as of now I have a big minus of 2100 dollars. But it was a tip of the iceberg. On 2nd of June 2014, I tried to call Yana on skype, she said by sms that another expert will be dealing with me, she is no longer a holder of my account. I was shocked, I thought no way, they just took me out of the boat. Next day, a new guy Timur Osmanov called me to my mobile phone, and introduced himself as her replacement owing to that my account is in big loss (Whose fault it was?). At the same time I was watching how S&P went up, he said to my that I should open a new deals, to buy separately by going long 2 x 0,25 contracts of S&P, so in order to lock my position. After 2 days, he called me proposing to invest more money to my account so he could reverse the current situation with my account. He asked me to proposed to buy Google share, and for doing so I need to top up. Of course, based on my previous experience with Yana, I refused on the grounds that I have already exhausted the limit (which was true ), he was not happy and with the high tone said that it is my choice and hung up the phone.

I don’t like when something like this happened with me, and have written a complaint to their support. In time of 5 minutes, Timur called me and with very angry voice talked with me like I was a child?

Now I have lost my money, and don’t know what to do? But for sure, I am going to write on every corner of the internet about their service. It is very bad that such companies a allowed to provide brokerage services.

If you can help me, it would be good.


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