New MT4, MT5 builds are out: focus falls on MetaTrader Market

Forex software developer MetaQuotes has issued two very interesting announcements for fans of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms. As of today, both platforms have new builds – for MT4 the build is 825, whereas for MT5 the build is 1150.

We should note that both upgrades offer means for easier and more flexible work with MetaTrader Market, the online store for all products that can be of help for trading on MT4 and MT5. MetaQuotes has already marked a significant milestone of 5,000 apps available on MetaTrader Market this month, but is now taking its efforts in enhancing the service further.

For both MT4 and MT5: Direct Purchasing

The latest builds of both platforms enable direct purchasing (onmarket2__4e-step purchase) of products from MetaTrader Market. This means that one does not need to log in to an account and add money to it. A payment for a product can now be made straight from the platform using one of the available payment systems.

Moreover, purchase can be done even without registration – that is, without an account.

For both MT4 and MT5: Virtual Hosting enhancements

The major changes in this respect concern the operation in Wine on computers with Linux and Mac OS. All the functions are available for allocated virtual servers in Wine, including migration, performance monitoring and logs.

The operation of the Log has also been beefed up. If a user requests too many records, then only part of the first logs for the specified period will be downloaded. This prevents performance degradation due to large logs.

The new MT4 build

  • The 825 build enables users of the popular platform to rent and to provide products for rent. There are several time options: 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The benefits from such a novelty are numerous. For instance, providers get extra opportunities to earn from their products whereas traders get to risk less by first testing an app by renting it.
  • The next big enhancement concerns the Tester and we put the stress on it, when we informed you of the launch of the beta version of MT4’s build 810 a week ago. This is the ability to test indicators and not only expert advisors. Fans of technical analysis have long been seeking such a functionality, which is a highly welcome addition to MT4.
  • The Market Watch now features the current spread of a symbol.
  • Also, filtering of news by categories has been added.

The new MT5 build

  • MetaEditor now offers new features that allow to debug Expert Advisors and indicators on history prices. In the older versions debugging was possible only on live real time charts. Now debugging runs in the visual testing mode in the Strategy Tester. An application is executed on a chart with an emulated sequence of ticks in the tester.
  • There is a new Depth of Market with a tick chart and the Time&Sales data of trades. A tick chart of exchange instruments with real transaction prices is now displayed in the Depth of Market. All transactions conducted on the Exchange are plotted on this chart:

Red circles – Sell transactions

Blue circles – Buy transactions

Green circles – the direction of the transaction is undefined. It is used when the exchange does not transmit the direction of a transaction. In this case, the direction is determined based on the price of the transaction as compared to prices bid and ask. A Buy transaction is that executed at the ask price or above, a Sell transaction is executed at the bid price or lower. The direction is undefined, if the price of the transaction is between the bid and the ask.

The larger the circle, the greater is the volume of the transaction. Transaction volumes are also shown as a histogram below the tick chart.


To learn more about the latest MT4 build, click here.

To learn more about the latest MT5 build, click here.

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