NetDania rolling out new HTML5 charting solution and upgraded mobile app – Demo NetStation through FXCM

NetDania, a Danish provider of foreign exchange data display and analytics workstations, is rolling out a new HTML5 charting solution and an upgraded version of its NetDania mobile app in response to customer demand for more functionality, officials say.

The HTML5 charting solution, dubbed Five Star Chart, is designed to attract visitors to websites operated by NetDania clients─mainly brokers in the UK and the US markets─via desktop browsers or mobile devices, says NetDania chief executive Stig Brylle.

Because HTML5 runs in all browsers without users needing to install plug-ins to allow the charting application to run in their chosen browser, they will benefit from a “smooth” solution that loads more quickly in their browsers, Brylle says. The product can also be embedded in brokers’ trading platforms built using HTML5, though he says brokers building mobile trading platforms should develop native apps for Apple iOS and Android devices or use white-labeled versions of NetDania’s native mobile apps to avoid performance problems that can occur when using HTML5 in trading platforms designed to run on mobile devices.

The solution, which NetDania is currently testing internally before rolling out over the next two weeks, is available in 17 languages and includes advanced charting offering more than 150 studies, different chart types, and the ability to view data over different timeframes, as well as to customize the content being analyzed and to incorporate their own data.

The release complements NetDania’s existing charting offering of a browser-based Java desktop application and a mobile charting package for Apple iOS and Android devices. In fact, the vendor is currently developing an upgraded version of its NetDania mobile app that will support live trading via supported brokers, including FX and contracts-for-difference broker Forex Capital Markets and London-based brokerage firm CFH Clearing.

The offering, which will be released before year-end, is targeted at retail clients of NetDania’s institutional customers, who can white-label the product and provide it to clients as their own solution, and was developed in response to increased demand for mobile trading solutions, Brylle says. The app, which is currently being tested internally and externally, will also enable users to create alerts on studies, and to set up and link multiple charts on tablet devices.


Reported back in the spring, NetDania’s NetStation made it’s debut, bringing new methodology to the trading platform space. The platform is now available as a demo with integration towards global brokerage FXCM, you can check it out here.

*Updated 10/3 – Strictly speaking, it is NetDania launching the platform as a Service Provider for FXCM


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NetDania rolling out new HTML5 charting solution and upgraded mobile app - Demo NetStation through FXCM


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