Neonet launches new liquidity seeking algorithm

Neonet, the Stockholm headquartered independent agency broker and execution specialist, today announced the latest addition to its algorithmic trading suite with the launch of the new “Capture” algorithm.  “Capture” is a liquidity seeking algorithm designed to leverage a number of underlying algorithmic models and methodologies across both dark and lit markets, depending on the client’s urgency to complete the order.

Neonet offers direct access to all key trading venues and is committed to constantly adding access to new markets and liquidity venues and to delivering fast, high quality and cost-efficient services.

 Tim Wildenberg, Chief Executive Officer of Neonet continued: “The client can dynamically control the algorithm by determining the urgency required to get the order completed in the market. ‘Capture’ combines the lessons we have learnt enhancing the execution quality in our algorithmic suite with the technology from our industry leading Smart Order Router to distribute passive and aggressive orders in an optimal way across our wide range of trading venues.”

To view the official release, click here.

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