MTGOX’s Trustee suspends release of bitcoin addresses list amid personal info security concerns

The Trustee of defunct Japanese Bitcoin exchange MTGOX today published a notice regarding a planned release of the list of bitcoin addresses controlled by the debtor (that is, the bankrupt exchange).

At the last creditors meeting, the trustee said he has been arranging for the release of a list of bitcoin addresses controlled by the debtor amid efforts to facilitate the investigation of the causes of debtor’s bankruptcy. However, he has identified material risks of endangering personal information or the privacy of users in releasing the list, and has been analyzing the actual risk thereof. Moreover, feedback from the bitcoin community and Payward Group, a supporting company to the debtor, has been received.

As a result, the trustee notes the potential negative effect resulting from the release of the addresses would outweigh benefits that can be gained thereby, and, therefore, has concluded that we suspend the release.

During the last creditors’ meeting, held on February 17, 2016, it became clear that the amount of claims filed from creditors has risen from the previous meeting held in September 2015 and has reached JPY 2,695,239, 249,594. The Trustee has made up his mind (accept or reject) regarding the claims of 32% of the creditors, which means that the remaining 68%, or 16,776 persons, have yet to learn whether the Trustee accepts or rejects their claims.

For the full announcement from MtGox, click here.

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MTGOX's Trustee suspends release of bitcoin addresses list amid personal info security concerns


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