MT5 build 1210 offers enhanced Depth of Market

MetaQuotes Software today announced the release of the latest build of MetaTrader 5 (MT5), which offers enhanced Depth of Market and other improvements.

The latest build of the platform enables traders to place limit orders at a price worse than the market price in the Depth of Market. This allows traders to get a guaranteed order execution at a specified price on the market.

If one drags a limit order through the ask/bid border, it will change to a stop order (Buy Limit will be replaced by Buy Stop, while Sell Limit – by Sell Stop). Hold Crtl while dragging so that a limit order is not replaced by a stop one.


The new build also adds “Show quick trading buttons” option in the chart settings. It allows traders to hide the One Click Trading panel enabling buttons and the Depth of Market from a chart.

The company has also fixed occasional conflicts between tooltips and other applications in the latest MT5 build.

The series of improvements also concern MQL5: for example, the template operation is fixed.

To view the full announcement from MetaQuotes, click here.

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