Mt Gox plans print marketing campaign to encourage Bitcoin commerce

Mt Gox would like to increase the acceptance of Bitcoins as payment by ‘regular’ merchants.

LeapRate Exclusive… LeapRate has learned that Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox is about to launch a major ad campaign to promote Bitcoin as a ‘regular’ form of currency for merchants, both online and offline. The campaign will revolve around showing how real people and businesses are using Bitcoin to improve their experiences both selling and shopping. The campaign will be launched in a major print publication and website.

Today, Bitcoin remains somewhat of a niche currency held and traded mainly by Bitcoin enthusiasts and a small group of Bitcoin investors such as the Winklevoss twins. Some interest was created in the outside world back in the spring, when Bitcoin prices yo-yo’d 50%+ on a daily basis, bringing the sniff of easy money to traders.

But with Bitcoin prices settling into a much more moderate trading range since early summer, a lot of that outside interest has died down. In order to seriously grow volumes, Mt Gox understands that Bitcoins must become a much more used currency in the ‘real world’. With more people using Bitcoins to do everything from shopping online to buying bread at the bakery, trading of Bitcoins at exchanges and at brokers will increase.

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