Mt Gox Bitcoin exchange suffers downtime early Monday

Bitcoin trading on Mt Gox halted due to server problem.

Adding to its woes of late, which include Mt Gox suspending US dollar withdrawals, leading Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox suffered several hours of downtime early Monday, following a server error. Mt Gox attributed the server problem –which they admitted ‘should not occur’ — was due (in part) to the fact that Mt Gox currently uses an outside hosting provider. Mt Gox however assures its customers that it is in process of migrating their server from a hosting provider to their our own data center.

The complete statement by Mt Gox follows:

Dear Mt. Gox Customers,

Early this morning at 4am Tokyo time Mt. Gox experienced some downtime that prevented customers from accessing the site. The issue was not an attack, but rather a system error that caused the problem. We were alerted to an error in the file system that had triggered a kernel panic, resulting in a server freeze. At that point we had to restart the server manually and proceeded with a fsck (file system check) which took some time. Once the server was clear we restarted the system.

We are well aware that this kind of problem should not normally occur. We are currently in the process of migrating our server from a hosting provider to our own data center, and as soon as we have completed the move such problems should not repeat themselves in the future.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers who were trying to use our services during this period


Mt Gox Team

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