Moscow Exchange experiences problems with derivatives market data

Moscow Exchange, or Moskovskaya Birzha OAO (MCX:MOEX), the biggest venue for trading shares, derivatives and currencies in Russia, saw a further set of problems affecting its derivatives markets today.

From 12:28 to 12:32 (Moscow time) today, transmission of market data on derivatives was interrupted.

MOEX mentioned no reasons for the outage but said that all operations are back to normal now.

This is the second time in a couple of weeks that the derivatives market of the Moscow Exchange is affected by problems. On June 15th this year trading on this market was suspended for more than two hours.

The problems were discussed at the latest meeting of the Committee on Information and Technical Support Services. Members of the Committee agreed to review the procedure for prompt informing of participants in case of such issues. The Exchange said it would also notify participants on standard technical changes like switching to backup channels.

Moscow Exchange recommended that market participants use mirrored connections to the market data flows as a standard practice to ensure reliability of critical connections.

For the official announcement on the latest service interruption, click here.

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