MetaTrader Market passes the half-million mark! $522,000 of products sold as of July 2014

MetaQuotes recently published an infographic which displayed market information relating to its Freelance service, subsequent to which the creator of the ubiquitous MetaTrader 4 retail FX trading platform has produced a further set of detailed statistics, this time providing data which the company has gathered with regard to its MetaTrader Market.

MetaTrader Market was officially released in February 2012. The company considers that this particular store of trading applications has come a long way since then. Initially the Market was introduced for MetaTrader 5, however shortly afterwards, a Market section was also launched for MetaTrader 4. The range of products has been expanded in line with this, from trading applications to the provision of financial magazines and books.

The evolution of the Market increased the sales turnover: by July 2014, about 6,300 products worth a total of more than $522,000 have been sold in the Market, while 520 sellers and 24,500 buyers have already passed through the application store. This increase in sales has given rise to the emergence of the significant number of successful developers making $10,000 or more per month.

The Market infographic depicted here shows MetaQuotes’ statistics relating to each aspect of the service.


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