MetaQuotes outlines Virtual Hosting as VPS alternative for 24-hour robot and signal traders

MetaQuotes Software has released three videos outlining its Virtual Hosting services as an alternative to virtual private servers (VPS) for robot and signal traders.

The company considers that virtual hosting in MetaTrader 4 and 5 will be of help to traders who want to use robots and signals 24 hours a day. It allows traders to create a virtual copy of the platform and, in MetaQuotes’ opinion, provides a better alternative to a VPS, as it has been developed with the demands of modern traders in mind.

MetaQuotes details the advantages of the service, stating that it includes minimum network latency to broker services, ease of use and comes at a reasonable price.

Virtual Hosting was added to the ubiquitous MetaTrader 4 trading platform in July last year, with the MetaTrader 5 following suit last month, At the time of adding Virtual Hosting to the MetaTrader 4 platform MetaQuotes rolled out an enhanced signal capability.

Renting a Virtual Server

Automatic transfer of virtual hosting

Controlling resources and managing subscriptions

For the official announcement from MetaQuotes click here.

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