MarketsPulse offers higher than 100% payouts on binary options

MarketsPulse’s new “Spread High Low” gives binary options brokers ability to give high payouts with safety.

MarketsPulse, a leading supplier of Binary Option platforms, is now offering brokers a way to offer clients a better than 100 percent payout and a wider range of features with the new “Spread High Low” option. The feature supports high low options being sold with a dynamic spread, generating dynamic strike prices which change as the market moves.. Clients will still be able to execute trades as they need while enjoying a plethora of new trading options.

The binary platforms business has become a lot more competitive the past few months. Market leaders SpotOption and MarketsPulse were both hit by:

  1. the (temporary) outlawing of binary options in Japan, although with new rules in place that market should reopen this coming summer, and
  2. the Cyprus EU bailout crisis, which hurt volumes and new customer acquisition at many Cyprus-based binary brokers — although we understand that now, several weeks later, volumes at most leading Cyprus binary brokers are back at full strength.

To see the full MarketsPulse press release click here.

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