MAP S.Platis reports more than 11 million EMIR reported trades in 2014

MAP-ERS, an independent solution for EMIR reporting from MAP S. Platis, is happy to announce lower EMIR reporting fees for 2015 where commitment to its members and the sector remains to continuously explore ways to lower the overall EMIR reporting cost.

During its first 11 months of operations, MAP-ERS has successfully and timely reported more than 11,000,000 trades as an EMIR reporting aggregator via its unique and specialized platform with 100% success rate.

As a result, MAP-ERS is now able to lower its fees significantly, and offer an even more affordable and economical EMIR reporting solution to the sector – and especially to forex brokers.

The MAP-ERS platform, designed and built by Europe’s leading and awarded financial services consultants, MAP S.Platis, provides ease of access, fast processing and enhanced security protection for the transferring and handling of data, whilst it is supported by experienced in-house teams of compliance professionals and IT specialists. Its platform applies fully-automated error-validation controls on the submitted files with a very detailed explanatory feedback and weekly reports which indicate the reporting frequency and the volumes of each member for better management and monitoring. This, together with the continuous guidance and assistance by expert consultants, provide invaluable guidance and support to its members’ reporting procedures.

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