MahiFX launches MFX Vector order management system alongside (re) redesigned website

Trading solutions and services provider MahiFX has redesigned its website for the second time in 2016, coinciding with the formal launch of its MFX Vector buy-side order management system.

David Cooney, MahiFX

David Cooney, MahiFX CEO

With benefits that have so far only be available to large, tier 1 banks, MFX Vector allows users to identify and minimise their trading costs using market making technology. The system enables clients to take control of earning spread, using a variety of features including in-depth analytics to understand cost of execution, anonymous trading access to minimise footprint, and reduced IT costs to allow more focus on investment.

MFX Vector will be one of the products available in MahiFX’s e-FX Engine Room; a new concept that brings together all of the software and services required by both businesses and individuals in the e-FX industry. With a range of highly flexible products, the e-FX Engine Room contains everything needed to successfully run an efficient and highly competitive e-FX business in one convenient package. The concept was devised after MahiFX began to notice the various barriers that smaller banks and brokers were facing, and the lack of cost-effective, fully inclusive software and guidance that was on offer.

David Cooney, CEO of MahiFX said:

The e-FX Engine Room has been a work in progress for some time now, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to show it off. MahiFX has always been about bringing a fresh, innovative approach to the provision of e-FX products at a fraction of the cost. Between us, we’ve got decades of experience in the industry. This means we’re not only able to build these systems, but we can also advise on how to maximise their efficiency, which places us in a rather unique position that we think many will benefit from. With the arrival of MFX Vector, we’re confident that, more than ever, we’ve got a very comprehensive suite of products that will reduce costs and improve flow for a huge number of businesses.

Tom Robinson, Head of Sales at MahiFX, said at a launch event held yesterday:

We are really excited at the launch of MFX Vector tonight. Empowering the buy side with a rigorous approach to FX execution, reducing costs and providing an independent transparent framework to assess their true cost of trading. This ultimately benefits asset managers and their end clients.

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