Leverate’s Sirix social platform increases client activity

Leverate shares data from a recent client installation.

Forex software platform provider Leverate announced today that its Sirix social platform, at an unnamed FX broker client, resulted in 1.5 million client visits (over a month), 240,000 trades, and a 55% increase in the time traders spent in the environment.

Leverate also pointed out the importance of integrating Sirix with Google Analytics, enabling Forex brokers to better understand client trade behavior, and thus make better business decisions and better serve clients.

At a time when most FX brokers are facing a slow or no growth market, adding a social networking environment to both retain existing clients and attract new ones is an increasingly used tool in the industry. But not all FX social networks are the same — as Leverate has demonstrated, the environment must be one that is useful and friendly to clients, while at the same time providing the right tools to brokers to manage the environment and make better decisions.

For the full Leverate press release click here.

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