Leverate partners with MTE Media to provide education based marketing tools

FX brokerage technology provider Leverate has teamed up with MTE Media to provide its partners with educational tools and informational videos inside the Sirix platform, desktop and mobile websites.

The goal is to increase trader engagement and encourage marketing funnel efficiency. Through branded courses, brokers can also use the materials to improve client loyalty and confidence, leading to increased conversion rates and improved trading volumes.

Erez Shifron, CMO for MTE Media, explained, “MTE’s expertise focuses on four major types of educational materials. We offer videos, courses, and eBooks covering Forex trading basics, technical and psychological skills, and trading strategies, as well as a comprehensive economic calendar which are available in multiple languages.”

“Our goal is to make traders more comfortable with online trading, which can be tricky. We decided that one way to make acceptance easier would be to integrate our products directly into the trading platform. We researched each of the major Forex solutions providers, and we choose to work with Leverate, since it has such a great reputation and we are both the leaders in our respective fields” concluded Mr. Shifron.

Leverate is now providing brokers with MTE’s branded educational series. Traders get direct access from within the trading platform to the basic package of educational videos and tools for a limited period. After a trial period, brokers can begin a monthly subscription which gives their traders the option to view more advanced coursework.

According to Leverate’s VP of Marketing Nicc Lewis, “This integration provides brokers with an excellent opportunity to decrease the learning curve for novice traders and increase loyalty of experienced traders, without requiring additional costs, since Leverate covers the initial fees associated with offering the starter training kit.”

“Additionally, brokers will find that the videos are an excellent way to encourage demo clients to convert to live accounts, since traders are requested to create a new account before accessing the materials.”

Both MTE Media and Leverate see the new relationship as an excellent way to increase trader reliance on a specific brokerage, and to go beyond basic client acquisition into client nurturing. MTE Media also plans on providing several services in the future to Leverate brokers, including production services for creating customized training and promotional videos, a series of Sirix tutorials, social trading instructional guides, and webinars” concluded Mr. Lewis.

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