Leverate partners with acquisition campaign leader HasOffers

Forex brokerage technology solution provider Leverate has announced that it has entered into a partnership with HasOffers, a company which provides online attribution analytics, and the creator of mobile measurement provider MobileAppTracking. Through the partnership, Leverate brokers will gain exposure to a growing number of affiliate network channels, greatly expanding the reach of their user acquisition campaigns and strategies.

The means by which FX companies acquire and retain clients has become a vital focus in the retail sector in order to ensure profitability after acquisition costs, and to remain competitive.

LXCRM Product Manager Erez Shilon noted, “We are very excited to work with HasOffers as they continue to set the standard for affiliate network marketing. We believe our clients will see an immediate growth in revenue potential thanks to a rich selection of value-added advertising alternatives.”

According to Leverate, the HasOffers performance marketing platform allows companies to track and optimize their publisher, affiliate and advertising networks. Through robust analytical real-time reporting, HasOffers enables marketers to efficiently track campaign effectiveness, maximizing the performance of their digital advertising investments. With these insights, performance marketers are equipped to focus on high-value traffic sources by measuring campaign success.

“The collaboration between HasOffers and Leverate embodies the highest standards in performance and mobile marketing,” said Cameron Stewart, General Manager of HasOffers. “Our goal is to make network management as easy as possible by integrating our intuitive application with Leverate’s drive to meet the needs of their brokers.”

Connecting clients with a robust affiliate management option is just one of the steps Leverate has taken to simplify the process of running a Forex brokerage. Leverate has also created LXSuite, a turn-key complete package of private label brokerage solutions, which contains all of the technology needed to run a Forex company.

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