LeapRate Meets… Leverate’s China seminars and strategy

Leverate Head of Marketing Remy Rosenbaum discusses strategy for forex broker seminars in Shanghai and Beijing, binary options, social trading, and more…

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China is clearly a hot spot for forex brokers and platform providers alike. Leading forex platform provider Leverate is about to run a series of seminars in China aimed at forex brokers in the region, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to hear what they had to say about the topic. Joining us is Leverate Head of Marketing Remy Rosenbaum.

LeapRate: Hi Remy. Please detail why Leverate is placing such an emphasis on increasing its business presence in China.

Remy: China is experiencing the highest rates of growth of all regional sectors of the Forex market. By building a relationship with Chinese brokers, we expect to reap the rewards as traders in the area become accustomed to the benefits of the Forex social trading model.

LeapRate: Leverate recently announced a series of regional seminars that are geared towards helping brokers understand local market conditions. Why did you decide to hold the initial seminars in Shanghai and Beijing?

Remy: We wanted to focus first on China, so we scheduled those seminars for the week of March 24th. Brokers there are going through a period of extremely rapid change, both in terms of growth, as well as in the types of services clients are demanding. We felt that by covering some of the major issues that our Chinese brokers are facing, we could create a major opportunity for our clients to excel.

LeapRate: Is Leverate still investing heavily in its onsite presence in Asia since opening the Hong Kong office?

Remy: We are continuing to add team members to our Hong Kong office. Sales Manager Asia Pacific, Sue Cheung, and Senior Marketing Manager – Asia Pacific, Ted Lee, will both be giving presentations on improving brokerage performance at the Shanghai and Beijing seminars.

LeapRate: What is Leverate’s strategy for attracting Chinese brokers?

Remy: Since the debut of our Sirix Forex trading platform, Leverate has always been known as the technology provider that offers an easy solution to starting a Forex brokerage. Last year we opened our Hong Kong office, staffed with support personnel who are familiar with the culture and needs of our Chinese clients. We believe that this presents a winning combination of an excellent product and superior service, and having team members fluent in Chinese was one of the reasons we were able to move forward with having seminars in the area.

LeapRate: What trading innovations can help Chinese Brokers be more successful?

Remy: Helping clients to understand social trading is one of the primary ways that Chinese brokers can drive increased trading volumes and improve retention rates. Additionally, Leverate is about to add social trading to the Sirix Mobile platform, and Chinese clients have some of the highest mobile adoption rates in the world. We plan on covering social trading in depth as part of our upcoming seminars in Shanghai and Beijing.

LeapRate: How does Leverate feel about the future of Binary Options trading in the Chinese market?

Remy: Binary Options is a great entry into trading, as it revolves around three simple factors: the instrument, the price direction, and the time frame. The ease of Binary Options trading is a good fit for the Chinese market, which is seeing the entry of many novice traders.

LeapRate: What expectations does Leverate have for the success of its new BX8 Binary Options platform?

Remy: Given the current level of interest in China for both Binary Options and social trading, we feel that Chinese brokers will naturally want to work with a company that has a proven track record in offering a superior social trading experience. During our Chinese seminars, we will cover the benefits of Binary Options trading, and how to introduce the platform to the local client base.

LeapRate: Are there any features of the Forex and Binary Options platforms that are particularly attractive to the Chinese broker?

Remy: Leverate’s Sirix and BX8 platform work together with LXFeed, our low latency price feed, to allow Chinese brokers to offer Gold trading, as well as access to several other instruments that are in high demand in the region, while still maintaining the highest level of accuracy.

LeapRate: Are there any other takeaways that you want Chinese brokers to gain from the regional seminars?

Remy: Several financial services industry experts will be in attendance to help brokers determine the best product mix between Forex, Gold, and Binary Options. When brokers have a balanced portfolio, they are less exposed to market fluctuations, particularly when working with more homogeneous client base.

LeapRate: Who else from Leverate will be attending the Shanghai and Beijing seminars?

Remy: Our CEO, Ran Strauss, is looking forward to meeting our Chinese brokers at each of the seminars. Our VP of Sales, Yosef Kaplan, and our Managing Director – Asia Pacific, Arthur Le, will also be available to answer any questions about how Leverate’s products and services can help brokers in China prosper.

To see more information about Leverate’s seminars for forex brokers in Shanghai on March 24 and Beijing on March 26 see https://seminars.leverate.com/china/.

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