IOSCO welcomes new leadership of IOSCO board committees

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) has introduced the new chairs and vice chairs of the IOSCO board committees who were recently elected as part of a periodic renewal of IOSCO leadership.

On behalf of IOSCO, Board Chair Ashley Alder expressed his gratitude to the outgoing committee leadership for their contribution and dedication to IOSCO policy work.

The substantive work produced by the policy committees under the leadership of the outgoing committee chairs and vice chairs, he said, played a key role in helping IOSCO meet its objectives of protecting investor interests, mitigating global systemic risks and ensuring fair and efficient securities markets.

Mr. Alder is eager to work with the incoming chairs and vice chairs on IOSCO’s policy priorities, following constructive discussions at the Hong Kong board meeting last month and said:

IOSCO has a number of critical work streams already underway and as we turn our attention to key issues for the next two years, we are relying heavily on the new leadership teams of our committees to help the Board navigate these complex matters to have the highest impact possible.

The policy work of IOSCO is conducted by eight policy committees under the aegis of the Board. Implementation monitoring and research are carried out, respectively, by the Assessment Committee and the Committee on Emerging Risks.

A list of the new committee chairs and vice chairs for 2016-2018 is as follows:

  • Committee on Issuer Accounting, Audit and Disclosure (Committee 1) o Chair: Mr. Parmod Kumar Nagpal (SEBI India) o Vice Chair Ms. Jenifer Minke-Girard (SEC US)
  • Committee on Regulation of Secondary Markets (Committee 2) o Chair: Ms. Tracey Stern (OSC Ontario) o Vice Chair: Ms. Shamsul Bahriah Shamsudin (SC Malaysia)
  • Committee on Regulation of Market Intermediaries (Committee 3) o Chair: Ms. Claire Kütemeier (BaFin Germany) o Vice Chair: Mr. Jorge Palacios (CNBV Mexico)
  • Committee on Enforcement and the Exchange of Information (Committee 4) & Screening Group (SG) o Chair: Mr. Jean-François Fortin (AMF Québec) o Vice Chair: Ms. Jane Attwood (FCA UK)
  • Committee on Investment Management (Committee 5) o Chair: Mr. Robert Taylor (FCA UK) o Vice Chair: Ms. Natasha Cazenave (AMF France)
  • Committee on Credit Rating Agencies (Committee 6) o Chair: Ms. Rita Bolger (SEC US) o Vice Chair: Ms. Maya Marinov-Shiffer (ISA Israel)
  • Committee on Commodity Derivatives Markets (Committee 7) o Chair: Mr. Eric Pan (CFTC US) o Vice Chair: vacant
  • Committee on Retail Investors (Committee 8) o Chair: Mr. Alexandre Vasco (CVM Brazil) o Vice Chair: Mr. Miles Larbey (ASIC Australia)
  • Assessment Committee (AC) o Chair: Mr. Amarjeet Singh (SEBI India) o Vice Chair: Mr. Jean Lorrain (AMF Québec)
  • Committee on Emerging Risks (CER) o Chair: Mr. Paul Redman (OSC Ontario) o Vice Chair: Ms. Benedicte Nolens (SFC Hong Kong)

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