Invast Australia’s DMA CFDs hit the market

CFD and FX company Invast Australia has today announced the imminent launch of a competitively-priced DMA CFD offering which includes extensive coverage of global stocks and ETFs and a commitment to ethical treatment of client funds.

This launch marks the first entry into the DMA CFD market by a Japanese broker and is an exciting development for the industry. With typical Japanese diligence, Invast has ticked all of the boxes in the design and implementation of its offering.

“We thought long and hard about the sort of CFD offering we wanted for our clients;” commented Invast Australia CEO, Brendan Gunn. “The best technology – we have it, the most competitive fee
structure – we have it, the highest level of security of client funds – we have it. Above all though, we wanted to follow a DMA methodology, so our clients benefit from the transparency and accountability inherent in that model.”

Security of funds has been big issue in the CFD industry, with market participants clashing over the risks associated with brokers being allowed to use client funds for various purposes.

“One of our main focuses was to build an offering where client funds remained at all times in a client segregated bank account. Given the strength of our parent company in Japan – particularly their large balance sheet – we are in the very advantageous position where we can afford to use our own money for all operational expenses, even hedging.” says Mr Gunn.

“According to our research, we are the only fully-DMA broker in Australia who does not use client funds for any purpose. We see a real need in the Australian market for this type of product. It is the perfect combination of the fairness of DMA and the most secure treatment of client funds – the perfect combination.”

In order to bring the product to market, the brokerage – which has been servicing investors in Japan for over 50 years – scoured the industry for the most experienced and talented staff.

“From our Technology team, headed by Jon Leung a 10 year veteran of the DMA CFD industry, to our Operations team, headed by Kushla Hall a DMA CFD specialist, to our client-facing teams, headed by
Gavin White and James Alexander, both high-profile pioneers of the DMA CFD product, we have assembled a team with unsurpassed experience and a genuine passion for the benefits DMA CFDs
offer investors” continued Mr. Gunn.

Chief Commercial Officer of Invast, Gavin White, says “We are extremely proud of the product we have built. The IRESS platform is renowned in terms of its stability and connectivity to exchanges. Our coverage of markets is broad and our client-facing teams are knowledgeable and attentive. We expect to make a big impact in the industry as word gets out about our offering.”

To help that process, Mr White points to a very generous launch offer the company has put together; “We wanted something special for the first group of clients, so we put together a great package for
“Foundation Members”. While there are conditions, the offer includes free IRESSTrader for 2 years and other special benefits which take it to a value of over $1300”.

With such a large player entering the DMA CFD industry, the outcome can only be good news for Australian investors. Mr Gunn concluded by stating “With global multi-asset coverage, the transparency and accountability of the DMA methodology and the fact Invast does not use client funds for any purpose, I can genuinely say, I don’t know why you would trade anywhere else.”

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