INVAST Australia redesigns website to focus on Institutional and HNW clients

Followers of LeapRate will have noticed us writing lately about the trend of retail forex brokers redesigning their websites – particularly brokers in Australia, with leading brokers in the country such as AxiTrader and Pepperstone changing the way they present themselves to the world.

These changes are, in our view, not trivial. For all web-based businesses, your Home Page is the way you present yourself to the world. A well designed and well received GUI can make the difference between attracting or alienating potential clients – which can mean the difference between success and failure.

The latest to go the redesign route is another Australian broker, INVAST Australia. (INVAST is a subsidiary company of Japanese listed company Invast Securities Co Ltd.).

But this redesign is somewhat different.

Invast screenshot

Gone are the ubiquitous ‘Open an Account’ and ‘Demo Account’ buttons you typically see on retail forex broker websites. (Or in web parlance, the ‘call-to-action’.).

INVAST has clearly redesigned its site to focus on the Institutional and High-Net-Worth trading client.

And the company readily admits this. In the words of INVAST Australia CEO Brendan Gunn:

We have recognised a growing opportunity in the institutional space and the website is the next step in fulfilling our long term plans to expand in Australia. Users will find that the new website provides quick access to a range of industry-leading trading technologies.

To see INVAST’s redesigned website click here. The company’s press release on the new website launch follows:


INVAST Australia relaunches brokerage website

Company announces institutional and sophisticated client focus

17 September 2015 (Sydney, Australia):  FX and CFD brokerage powerhouse Invast Australia has unveiled a major redesign of its website, reflecting the company’s renewed direction as it focuses on offering investment solutions for sophisticated clients and institutional relationships.

The launch of the new website comes after several months of planning and development. The firm believes it has created a website which portrays its status as a premium multi-asset broker, providing bespoke investment solutions to a wide range of institutional and retail clients in Australia and across the globe.

“The revamped website showcases the rich history of Invast allowing for a greater understanding of who the company is, the different clientele it caters for and the brokerage solutions it offers,” said Invast Australia CEO Brendan Gunn.

“We have recognised a growing opportunity in the institutional space and the website is the next step in fulfilling our long term plans to expand in Australia. Users will find that the new website provides quick access to a range of industry-leading trading technologies,” Mr Gunn said.

“We cater to self-directed clients with our DMA CFD IRESSTrader platform, the renowned MT4 platform and the innovative cTrader. For institutional clients we offer API FIX solutions and access to electronic communication networks such as HotspotFX, Integral FXInside, and Flextrade MAXXTrader. We also offer the revolutionary PortfolioInvestor platform providing professionally constructed global thematic portfolios. Providing state of the art platforms and premium connectivity is our forte, along with expert 24-hour support,” said Mr Gunn.

Invast has launched its thematic investing platform, PortfolioSelect, into the broader market. That platform offers clients an innovative means to take advantage of key market themes, in one click, by strategically investing in professionally constructed portfolios of Direct Market Access (DMA) CFDs over highly liquid global shares and ETFs.

“Markets are driven by trends, themes and macro events. We recognise that picking individual stocks based on their fundamentals or technicals without considering the bigger picture can be challenging for investors. So now we offer entire portfolios that aim to capture these broader market drivers easily and quickly,” said Mr Gunn.

“The PortfolioSelect platform currently has around 30 investment themes from which investors can chose to diversify their investments, such as Smart Banks Australia, which uses smarter weights to improve the risk-return profile of the sector and to reduce excessive exposure to the big banks.

“Other themes include Ageing Population Australia, Bullish Australian Property, Iconic Australian Brands and Takeover Targets Australia, which we expect to be popular given the falling Australian dollar is likely to make our listed companies more attractive to foreign predators,” Mr Gunn said.

“Our Diversified Asset Bearish strategy, which can help to protect against correcting markets, is up a huge 69% over the year to Sep. 15 and 3.9% over the past month,” he said.

Invast Australia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Invast Securities, which is listed in Japan. Each of its themed portfolios, known as Strategic Investment Portfolios (SIPs), are constructed by the Invast Investment Committee, comprising some of the most distinguished multi-asset investment experts in the industry.

About Invast

Since 1960, Invast has grown to become one of the largest and most successful global brokerage firms, offering state-of-the-art trading technology and unparalleled service catering to all levels of traders. Invast provides a comprehensive choice of platforms, including Invast IRESSTrader, Invast MT4, Invast cTrader, Invast ST24 and Invast ShareTrading. Using these platforms, Invast clients worldwide can trade forex, indices, commodities, bonds and DMA CFDs over global stocks and ETFs. Invast Financial Services Pty Ltd (ABN 48 162 400 035) is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and holds an AFS Licence 438283.

Media contact details

Nicki Bourlioufas, Spot On Content & PR, [email protected],  +61 411 786 933

Gavin White, Invast Australia Chief Commercial Officer, [email protected], + 61 404 607 238, 02 8036 7563

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