Invast Australia launches unique thematic investing product

Invast Australia has announced the launch of its unique thematic investing product, which enables investors to select from a range of professionally constructed thematic portfolios across local and international stocks exchanges and capitalize on key trends, with its ‘Diversified Asset Bearish’ strategy up an impressive 77.2% over the past year.

Invast Australia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Invast Securities, which is listed in Japan.  The company is expanding its local presence, with a strong focus on sophisticated clients and institutional relationships. Each of its themed portfolios, known as Strategic Investment Portfolios (SIPs), are constructed by the Invast Investment Committee, comprising some of the most distinguished multi-asset investment experts in the industry.

“These portfolios consist of a collection of stocks relating to a specific market theme or trend. Some of the popular themes among investors include ‘Ageing Population Australia’ and ‘US Cyber Security’. Other themes include ‘Bullish Australian Property’,  ‘Iconic Australian Brands” and ‘Takeover Targets Australia’,” said Mr Gunn. “These are unique and well researched themes. The ‘Diversified Asset Bearish’ strategy, for example, enables investors to benefit from falling markets and the numbers speak for themselves – that strategy is up an amazing 77.2% over the past year (to September 4, 2015) and 9.5% higher over the past month*.

“The strategy is unique in that it is composed of just four securities – all short positions on major diversified markets. The best performer has been the short position on the oil price, up an amazing 192.4% over the past year,” Mr Gunn said.

“The PortfolioInvestor platform currently has around 30 investment themes which investors can chose from. Each of these themes is carefully considered, measured and analysed by our investment committee and diversified enough to ensure that one single stock cannot have a large impact on overall performance. A portfolio of themes further adds to diversification,” said Mr Gunn.

“With PortfolioInvestor, we have taken the hard work out of selecting and investing in individual stocks so investors you can easily act and take advantage of economic trends,” said Mr Gunn. “Research analysts explore key trends, ideas and global market themes to identify the best opportunities for submission to the Investment Committee, who then decide on the portfolio weighting to maximize exposure to the specific theme. The innovative platform has already attracted much interest since being offered to investors and Invast is now ready to disrupt the investment and finance sector,” said Mr Gunn.

* Past performance is not indicative of future performance. The calculation of the returns is based on the performance of the actual underlying securities, in accordance with the weighting envisaged by the portfolio. These performances exclude financing and commission costs.

How investors can get started with Invast PortfolioInvestor

After becoming a client of Invast, you will gain access to a PortfolioInvestor account where you can browse dozens of SIPs to find ones that best suit your investment appetite and objectives.

Each portfolio contains information about the securities they hold and their historic risk and return. The Web application allows you to view the performance of your investments quickly. Watch your favorite SIPs and trade them when you’re ready.

To find out more about Invast’s PortfolioInvestor platform – and strategies like Driverless Cars – click here.

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